Matt Jackson DOP and Cameraman

Matt works as a DOP Lighting Cameraman and is centrally located in Manchester. He has vast experience providing broadcast equipment and filming with the major Broadcasters and Independent Production Companies. With extensive experience travelling across the world, Matt can Light, Operate a Camera, Record Sound, and Self Direct. He is a Camera Op with 20 years experience in broadcast and live television. Genres include Commercials, OB, Documentary, Sport, Factual, Reality, Music, Science, and News. Matt has shot shows, commercials and news for the BBC, Channel 4, C5, National Geographic, PBS, Sky 1, ITV and has worked with top production companies such as the BBC, Blink Films, Windfall Films and Mentorn.


Whether filming at home or abroad, Matt likes to produce strong creative images. The passion lies in shooting and telling the story at the same time. Having worked all over the world, in very challenging and stressful conditions the work has been varied, from large scale 20 camera OB productions to being a one man band Camera Operator covering a News Story.
Matt has hunted crocodiles in the rivers of Africa with Motorbiker Charlie Boorman, has been on police fire arms raids in Luton, shot episodes of Hollyoaks, filmed Lionel Richie in London and filmed the construction of the new World Trade Centre in New York.


Passion about what you do for a living in the Television Industry is crucially important, but so is the experience you have. Having the wish to do something is one thing, but knowing how to go about it in the most efficient and cost-effective way is another. This only comes when you have served your time working with a range of Directors and Producers, some very good, and some not so, and there is always something to learn from both. Talk to your DOP before your next shoot, they can be a valuable asset during planning and also during a shoot.

Use the best Kit available

You can’t make good images without good kit. So by usingt he stunning Sony PMW-F5 with Canon CN7 4k 35mm PL Zoom Lens combination, along with 35mm PL Prime Lenses and excellent sets of Lights with a pair of long range Radio Mics and Audio quality is kept high. On set monitoring is also available. Shooting Rec 709 and Slog2 are no problem. Shoot it right first time, then there is no need to ‘Fix it in Post’. Matt maintains his own kit to the highest standards, reliability is crucial when 6000 miles away in another continent. If the kit fails, you have all failed. Data wrangling on location with a super fast SSD Laptop can be dome in minutes. It all packs away into very intelligent custom flight cases keeping excess baggage costs to a minimum.


No point in hiring somebody with unreliable transport. Matt runs a well maintained fully insured 7 seater comfortable 4×4 SUV with snow tyres for winter travel. Arriving on-time and fully fuelled up, ready to go at a moment’s notice is vital.


Over 20 years experience, working in Television and with a solid back ground in factual and observational documentary films, working in challenging environments from extreme cold, high altitude, deserts, seas and to a trauma helicopter in the UK Lake District . Being sensitive to cultural values has helped while directing and filming material in the Middle East and Asia for Discovery International.

Team Work

Matt is able to work well in a team, supporting and enhancing the director’s vision. Flexible and easy to get on with, highly motivated and able to achieve the best from every situation. Comfortable working in a team, or as a solo Camera OP, Matt learned how to film the hard way on BBC1’s ‘Traffic Cops’.

Corporate Television and Video

Matt enjoys the creative freedom of working outside the broadcast environment, filming and helping to produce Educational Films and Training films, Interviews and the occasional Commercial. Who does not love to see a project from concept to completion? Warmth and good humour are qualities that put people at ease during many filming situations.

News and OB

Matt has worked as a Camera Op of some big live events, The BBC General Election twice, The Great North Run, Premiership Football matches and coverage of the 2012 Olympics.

Please check out some Credits and get in touch if you would like to chat through your next shoot, however big or small.