Factuals / Specialist Factuals

'Impossible Builds – NYC - World's Skinnest Skyscraper' PBS, Discovery International.
Shooting PD
60 Minute Feature about the construction team who are currently building the World's Skinniest Skyscraper. Built in New York City, 57th Av just of Central Park, the Skyscraper's base is 60 x 40 foot and when finished, will rise 100 stories. Completion is due early 2018, and we follow the engineering and people who make this world's first, possible. One of the worlds most difficult building projects built right in central Manhattan. Blink Films UK.
'Impossible Builds - Europe in the Desert'. PBS, Discovery International.
Shooting PD
60 Minute Feature foloowing the construction of sand islands in the Arabian Sea, just of the coast off Dubai. Can they be transformed into the most luxurious holiday destination on earth?
One of the world's most ambitious construction projects in the Middle East. Blink Films UK.
'Impossible Builds - The Floating House - Duabi Seahorse house'. PBS, Discovery International.
Shooting PD
60 Minute Feature following the construction, and teams, behind the building of the world's first underwater $50m luxury Floating Home. This 1st of it's kind, built in the Port of Dubai is towed out to sea and placed on an off-shore sand island 12 miles away. Based in the Arabian Gulf, just of the coat of central Dubai. The floating house (nic-named 'Seahorse') is a 2 story underwater floating home. One of the worlds most difficult building projects ever built. Specialist Factual. Blink Films UK.
'Impossible Builds - IceWorld China'. PBS, Discovery International. PBS, Discovery International.
Shooting PD
60 minute Feature folowing the construction, and teams, who are currently building 'Ice World' in Changsha, China. One of the worlds biggest and most difficult building projects. Large BioDome over 1km in size covering a disused open cast mine. Construction began 2015, and will take 3 to 10 years to complete. Built in a disused quarry mine in Central China, Ice World will be one of China's biggest leisure complexes ever made. Blink Films UK.
'Worlds Biggest Beasts', Discovery International, Smithsonian Channel, C5 UK.
Shooting PD
Feature Length Top 10 count down of the Worlds Biggest Dinosaurs. A truly global shoot, filming in Houston, Florida, South Carolina, Washington DC, Phoenix, Albuquerque, San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean. With unique access to worlds newest Dinosaur fossil finds, we reveal the science behind how and why the Dinosaurs got so big, by using CGI and modern science demos involving Hang Gliders, Large Jet planes, Dragon Flys and Blue whales. Blink Films UK.
Development 'Monster Moves - Phantom F4 Jet Aircraft'
Shooting PD
Development work, filming an Episode for Monster Moves. Following a team of Aircraft Engineers who are to moving a 'one of a kind' historic cold war RAF Phantom F4 Jet, from an RAF base in Scotland, to a museum in the Midlands. Windfall Films.
BBC1 + 2 'Antiques Road Trip' – Series 10 and 11. 12 and 13. 14, 15 and 16.
Shooting PD
Factual Entertainment. 10 x 45 min episodes per Series. The buying and selling of Antiques with local history inserts set around a UK wide road trip. Fun and games with Antiques Experts on a UK wide road trip. Running a location team of 2 on-Screen Experts, 2 PD's, 2 AP's, 2 Runners and Drone Pilot. STV Glasgow for BBC.
BBC1 'Traffic Cops', series 15. 2017.
Shooting PD
Car Crime / Road Death / Sensitive issues. Yorkshire + Bedfordshire Police.
'Super Sky Scrapers' for Channel 5 / Discovery International.
Shooting PD / DOP
3 x 1 hours (60 mins) for Discovery International / Channel 5 (UK). Follows the work of the construction teams building 3 of the world's newest Sky Scrapers. Blink Films UK.

  1. The new World Trade Centre in New York USA. https://vimeo.com/94746929
  2. One57 the 'Billionaire's Building' in NYC. https://vimeo.com/96237948
  3. The Leadenhall Building (aka 'The Cheese Grater') in the City of London. https://vimeo.com/95890623


'Worlds Top 5, Series 2'
Shooting PD
Global 10 x 1hr series for Channel 5 / Discovery International about the Worlds Best Machines. Showcasing the Worlds best : Helicopters, Planes, Ships, Trucks, Fire Machines, Subs, etc. Filming globally, up in the Arctic Sea, Gulf of Finland, Barents sea, South Africa, USA, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Belgium, Norway, etc. 10 x 1 hours for Discovery International. Blink Films London.
'Charlie Boorman's Extreme Frontiers - South Africa'
PD / Cameraman
6 x 1 hour for C5, traveling across Southern Africa, 10,000 km trip across the whole of South Africa filming motorbiker Charlie Boorman. Mountains, Gold Mines, Lions, Rhino, Buffalo, Big Game, Wildlife, Boats, Paragliders, Off Shore Diamond Mining, and lots of Adventure Travel.
TV Series - 'American Princess' - NBC Network, USA
Lighting Cameraman
Reality game show where 20 American girls learn to become English princesses.
'BBC 1 - Motorway Cops Series 2, 3, 4, 5'
Shooting PD / Cameraman Director
The ever popular UK Cops TV show. Folio / Mentorn. best viewing figures.
'BBC 1 Air Medics'
Shooting PD / Director / DOP
4 months onboard the Medical Helicopter Air Ambulance in the Lake District during Summer 07. Shooting the work of the Air Paramedics, Pilots and Doctors for a BBC 1 Documentary.
'BBC 1 To Buy or Not to Buy'
Multiple episodes of the BBC Daytime show about moving house. BBC Birmingham Productions. UK wide.
'BBC1 Traffic Cops'
Shooting PD / Lighting Cameraman / Director
Series 3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11. Shooting the Documentary about the UK's Traffic Police teams, narrated by Jamie Theakston. Observational documentary for BBC 1. Plus rigging Police car minicams and Ariel cameraman footage. Cheshire, Southampton, Portsmouth, Hull, Grimsby, Bedford, Luton, Swansea, Sussex Police Forces. Very high viewing figures. 30x30min. Mentorn / Folio Productions.
'Big Boys Toys' - The Lux Channel, Sky.
Shooting PD / DOP
BMW Car reviews in Zurich, Aston Martin car reviews in UK, Fancy hotels in London, Designer suits in Saville row.
'Car Crime UK - ITV'
Shooting PD / Cameraman / Director
ITV's car crime docco. Hosted by Sir Trevor Mcdonnald. Mentorn / Folio.
'Car Hunt'
Lighting Cameraman
Manchester episodes. Car auction game show. Brian Waddle Productions.
'Car Wars'
Shooting PD / Cameraman / Director
Hardcore car crime Police observational documentary for BBC1. Mentorn/Folio.
'Celeb Wedding Planner'
Lighting Cameraman
Louie Spence Episode + Martin Kemp Episode, Channel 5.
'Changing Places - BBC 4'
PD Lighting Cameraman + Sound
Documentary about friends who swap jobs for a week. 13 x 30minute programs. Jobs include Fireman, Elephant keeper, Army Officer, Circus ringmaster, Big Issue Vendor, Magazine editor, Estate agent, Wine maker and going underwater with an Archaeologist. (RTS winner 2000). BBC Manchester.
'Police Camera Action'
Lighting Cameraman / Director
Xmas drink driving 1 hour special. On location inserts with drunk drivers. ITV, Optomen.
'Property Ladder'
Lighting Cameraman
Congleton episode. Talkback Productions.
'Revealing Secrets'
Lighting Cameraman + Sound
Channel 4, Independent - Multi Media Arts Production. 16 weeks shooting history documentary series based all over UK.
'Salvage Squad'
Lighting Cameraman
‘Merry Go-round’, ‘Morgan’ and ‘Gallopers’ episodes, series 2. The team restore classic engineering pieces to their former glory. Documentary. Channel 4.
'Shopping City'
Cameraman + soundman
For Bazal Productions. Docu-soap on a Manchester shopping centre. Transmitted on BBC1/2. Series 1 and Series 2. Network UK Nov 99 – March 00.
'Wayne Rooney's Street Striker - Sky 1'
Cameraman, Multicamera.
Plum Pictures. HD Cam. 40:1 lens. Multi Camera, As Live, football skills knock-out show.
'What I’d really like to do - BBC 1'
Lighting Cameraman
About the day in the life of a footballer, doctor, archaeologist and a professional singer. Director - Cameron Miller. Aspect Television. 4 x 60min. BBC 1.

TV Strands

'BBC Grand National'
Lighting Cameraman
Horse racing inserts. Prime time BBC1 Network comedy strand with Johnny Vegas.
'BBC1 - Points of View'
Lighting Cameraman
Insert strands for the BBC's network show. Various Directors. BBC Birmingham Productions.
'Beatlemania Britain'
Lighting Cameraman
LWT / The Travel Channel.
'Britain's Best House'
Lighting Cameraman
Mad Dogs crewing agency.
'Celebrity Fit Club'
Lighting Cameraman
Shooting Freddie Star inserts. ITV LWT.
'Christmas Parties Uncovered'
Lighting Cameraman
Sky One. Produced by LWT.
'Gareth Malone's The Choir 'Sing While you Work''
Additional Cameraman for Gareth Malone BBC1 series 'Sing While you work'. Manchester Airport episode.
'Richard and Judy show'
Lighting Cameraman
Program inserts – 'The Pies of Wigan' – ITV.
'Rogue Traders'
Lighting Cameraman
BBC1 Consumer affairs program. ‘Watchdog’.
'Sci-Fi Channel'
Lighting Cameraman
Medical strands.
'Temptation Island'
Lighting Cameraman
Shooting English version of US program. Covering contestants packing and leaving from England to the island. Directed Jenny Midl for London Weekend Television, LWT.
'The All Star Animal Awards'
Lighting Cameraman
‘Scamp’ the dog. ITV primetime pet awards show. Michael Hurl Television, London.
'Disaster Masters'
Lighting Cameraman
Observational Documentary. 8x30 min prog. Director - Jim Nally. BBC1 Spring 2005. Mentorn.
Other Previous Work - Travel - Drama - Commercials - Studio - Corporate

Worlds Biggest Beasts
Worlds Biggest Beasts
Science Factual about with Worlds Biggest Dinosaurs.