Feature Films

"August - 35mm Feature Film"
Camera Trainee
9 week location shoot in North Wales, Directed by and starring Antony Hopkins. Production Company: Granada Film. DOP: Robin Vidgeon, President of the BSC. Working as fifth person on 35mm Camera department. Loading film mags, etc.
"The Chemist"
DOP / Lighting Cameraman
Full length feature film about a Russian Chemistry Student who discovers a recipe for cloning and breading bank notes... how will it end?


"Treasures Decoded series 2"
Shooting PD + DOP
Drama Reconstructions on 'Trojan Horse' and Test Rig Experiments for Egypt. Dragging the City through the sand 'City on the move' ep. Blink Films, PBS Discovery, C5.
Camera Operator
Mersey Television, C4 Drama.
"Commin' Atcha!"
Focus Puller / Assistant
Starring the band 'Cleopatra'. Children's comedy drama. Focus Pulling for D.P. 'John Sennatt'. Network UK.
"Hollyoaks" assorted episodes
Drama Camera / Steadicam
Mersey Television for Channel 4.
"Grange Hill" assorted episodes
Drama Camera / Steadicam
Mersey Television, Liverpool.
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